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Dance Classes at LDC

  • Beginner Combination Class Ages 3-5 Tap & 30 min intro. to Ballet + Jazz


  • Beginner Combination Class Ages 6+ 

  • TAPBeginner through Advanced 

  • JAZZ - Beginner through Advanced 


  • BALLET - Beginner through Advanced; All ballet classes perform in our company mini-ballet in our recital. 


  • LYRICAL - Ballet is a prerequisite. 


  • MODERN - Jazz is a prerequisite. 

  • MUSICAL THEATER - Beginner through Advanced

  • HIP HOP- Jazz is a prerequisite


Class Attendance

Only regular and timely attendance will increase a students progress. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed lessons, however sometimes class assistants may work with children before, during or after class to catch up on missed steps.

Class Attire

  • Combination Classes (all students 3-8 years of age)

-Any style or colored leotard and pink tights

-Black patent leather tap shoes

-Pink ballet slippers


  • Ballet Classes

-Any colored leotard (short ballet skirt optional)

-Pink tights. No bare legs! 

-Pink split sole ballet slipper with elastic

-Hair pulled back in a bun


  • Jazz Classes - ALL SOLID BLACK

-Leotard, tights (no bare legs) jazz pants, jazz shorts, capris, tight fitted t-shirt or camisole.

-Tan split sole jazz oxfords.

-Hair pulled back.


  • Lyrical and Modern

-Dress the same as jazz - Shoes at the discretion of the instructor.


  • Tap Classes - ALL SOLID BLACK 

-Same Attire as Jazz Class (see above)

-Intermediate Class - Tan Dolly tap shoes

-Junior & Advanced classes only - Black oxford tap shoes 

-Hair pulled back.


  • Male Dancers wear all black shoes.


Absolutely no baggy T-shirts, sweats, or pajama pants.  

Please do not wear any of your dance shoes outside. 

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